Mezzanine Floors, Steel Staircases & Cantilevers

Mezzanine Flooring Systems

Don’t move out, move up.

Thanks to the wide range of uses and sectors we’ve served, we’ve gained the experience, expertise and insights needed to offer mezzanine flooring systems to just about any type of building.

If you’re looking for more space without the hassle and inconvenience of relocating to new premises, let us help.

Over the years, we have been able to turn our hand at providing mezzanines for a wide array of sectors and purposes. If you are considering implementing a new floor in your business, we would be delighted to help you do just.

We work to the highest of standards in manufacturing and installation and are able to minimise disruption of your everyday operations. Our mezzanine floor installation teams work quickly and quietly and can even be called upon in the evenings and on weekends to even further lessen disturbances.

With many years of experience as manufacturers and installers of mezzanine floors, we genuinely believe that our systems stand head and shoulders above our competition. We design each solution to effortlessly integrate with your existing warehouse, office, or storage facilities.

Spode Storage can offer you a variety of mezzanine flooring options from rack supported to single or multi-tier mezzanine floors, each floor will significantly expand your warehousing, office or storage capacity.

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Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor

We provide mezzanines for retail, warehouse, production and office space throughout Africa.

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Allows you to create additional office space or storage within the existing building.

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Single or Multi-level flooring are perfect for expanding storage capacity

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Are ideal solutions for increasing productivity.

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Add several floors to your space, eliminating the need to relocate your business.

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Extend your exiting office space, create training or meeting rooms.


We deliver on this commitment by:
  • Undertaking projects and installation jobs in accordance with Quality Management procedures that are appropriate to the activities being undertaken, and reflect recognised industry best practice.
  • Providing all staff with Knowledge, skills, tools and equipment/resources to be able to fully implement these Quality Management procedures at all times and in all working environments.
  • Setting and imparting quality objectives to all staff members on a regular basis.
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Our Quality Guarantee:
All Spode products meet the SEMA international standard for racking design, manufacture and installation. Furthermore, our stringent Quality Control System, Environmental Protection Policy, Risk Evaluation Process and Installation Methods guarantee that our customers are assured of complete satisfaction and peace of mind, with each and every installation.